Limited Edition Tanker Men's Tee
Limited Edition Tanker Men's Tee
Limited Edition Tanker Men's Tee
Limited Edition Tanker Men's Tee
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Limited Edition Tanker Men's Tee

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There are few moments as glorious as driving a tank full throttle through the countryside. 

The thing about tanks however is that you need to know where you are heading.  Tanks drive in a nearly straight line.  And if you’ve ever driven a tank you’d know that its hard to tell if you hit anything – a car can seem like a very small pothole at best.  That’s why our Recon Unit Tanker has enlisted the help of his infantry mate to keep them on the straight and narrow.  Well, the ‘straight’ anyway.

This tee design captures the moment of deciding which way to go.  Where are all the stupid people?  Everywhere! So it makes little difference which way we go.  Still we can pretend and hold this inspiring pose long enough for it be immortalised onto a Limited Edition tee for our recruits, just to remind you to stay steadfast in these turbulent times.  Onwards!

p.s. Did you know that the Tanker is usually the shortest person in the infantry?   Lucky Recon Unit is such a short arse.

What makes HiiRagi Army Tees so special?

  • Original HiiRagi Army illustration designs that you won’t find anywhere else – I mean who else could come up with this stuff?!
  • Our prints are hand screen printed the old school way using eco-friendly inks. This means they won’t crack and peel over time or melt when you iron them– how annoying is that?
  • We pay more for quality blank tees. We believe that people should be paid properly, treated with respect and not abuse child labour.  We also strive for a more sustainable product.  For more info visit our Ethical Product Statement page.
  • Our tees are guaranteed to last for 100 commando rolls (you’ll wear out before the tee does or we’ll give you a new one. Yes, we want someone to give it a go).

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