The name Berserker says it all, and for those who are not minions of HiiRagi, be afraid, be VERY afraid.  And no, they’re not robots either.  Berserkers originated as an experiment that, to be perfectly honest, went a little bit wrong but finished up with a happy ending.

Having once perfected the Recon Unit and Occupational Force, HiiRagi felt that there was still something missing in the Army line up.  It was missing that special something that had the ability to strike instant and unmistakeable terror in the hearts of our opponent at first sight, without having to even unleash the beast.  Drawing wide influences from the original Clash of the Titans Kraken (”Release the Kraken!”) to the mouthy monster thing that swallows people in the Desert from Star Wars, once again HiiRagi’s unsurpassed genius invented an unstoppable creation specialising in chaos, carnage and destruction. 

Remember: Berserkers do not reason, they do not care, they do not stop. If you see one, then I’m afraid, it’s all over red rover, you will be eaten or drown in their drool.  Either that or unfortunately one has escaped, it does happen...and yes, the outcome is the same.

HiiRagi Fact: A fully grown Berserker can fit 13 humans in its mouth at once (not including the legs).