Commissioned Art Toys

Maybe you've had dreams of creating your own army.  Maybe you just have some great ideas for our robots.  Did you know that HiiRagi can help turn your ideas into a reality? It can be as simple as adding someones name to the back of the toy to a full blown new design.  We can help with it all.

It takes time of course, because each commission is designed, reworked if necessary and then the materials needed to complete the mission have to be found.  Lucky for us, our recruits are understanding of this process and together we have created some great collaborations. 

Here are some of our favourites:

Occupational Force: Radio Controller


Recon Unit: Medic


Occupational Force: Gentleman Fighter


Recon Unit: Badass Ninja (2 versions)


Recon Unit: Navy Sailor (Modern)

Recon Unit: David Bowie

Recon Unit: Zombie Hunter

If you would like to commission a toy,  please just get in touch.