Ethical Product Statement

Here at HiiRagi HQ we like to ensure that all is fair in love and business practices. This is because no one should suffer to make you clothing, or anything else for that matter.

HiiRagi recognises its responsibilities to source products from companies who care about the workers and the conditions under which its products are made and that these responsibilities extend to all workers producing products or services for us. HiiRagi and the companies that supply us believe that good workplace standards, decent health and safety requirements, fair pay and conditions, and care for the environment are important elements in business success.  We also believe in providing high quality products that will last for years, not months.

HiiRagi’s t-shirts supplier's production facilities have been rated among the highest in the industry for quality by demanding inspection teams from prominent companies. Our suppliers consistently update and improve their manufacturing facilities, making full use of all the technological advancements in the textile industry.  The t-shirt production facilities are W.R.A.P (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) certified, ensuring a sweat-shop free product and ethical work conditions.  They are also (and I can’t believe I have to write this) Child Labour Free.  Our companies also participate in the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) to provide companies with a practical and efficient system to improve social compliance in global supply chains. 

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