Recon Unit

 Recon Unit Prototype

Don’t be fooled by their simple outward appearance.  Behind that sweet face is a diabolical militant mind trained in all facets of espionage, communications and assassination.  Masters of dialect, disguise and making people talk, Recon Unit are perfect at infiltrating any situation. 

Acting as the eyes and ears of the HiiRagi Army, Recon Unit has time and time again been called on for dangerous missions resulting in success.  Whether it is gaining access into the underground world of the Bunny, reinventing themselves as the mysterious and beautiful Geisha or sneakily sabotaging the plans of the stupid people who inhabit this world, Recon Unit always come up trumps.

Recon Unit has the skills to survive any adversity and when all else fails there’s always the Occupational Force.

HiiRagi Fact: Despite their agile and nimble fingers, Recon Unit are unable to touch their hands together.